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Asked Questions

Asked Questions.

Scheduling Questions

  • What happens if it rains?
    In general, a light to moderate rain will not affect our cleaning process. We constantly assess the weather conditions to ensure services are effectively and safely performed. On the day of service, should the weather be uncooperative, we will reschedule your services as soon as possible.
  • Do you have the right insurance?
    When hiring someone to care for your home, you need to make sure that you are well protected. Not everyone with a truck and a pressure washer will have enough insurance (if any) to cover you in case of accidents. EPW provides insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances. This ensures you can use our services with confidence that the job will be completed safely and without worry.
  • Is your company a franchise?
    Our owner and founder, Erwin, has a genuine love for his customers and their needs. It is his combined spirit of faith, family and focused direction that has allowed EPW to be blessed to serve this community faithfully. Our reputation for excellence is a direct result of this man’s leadership and heart. At EPW, we are proud to be serving our community as a local, non-franchise, minority owned company.
Asked Questions

Asked Questions.

General Questions

  • Is It Safe To Use High Pressure Washing On My Fence Or Deck?
    Pressure washing your fence or deck is a great way to clean off dirt and grime. But the actual pressure you should use on your fence or deck depends on the materials your fence or deck is made of. The best option for your fence or deck is to hire a professional pressure washing company to engage in a fence or deck cleaning. Because some materials are softer, utilizing high pressures can cause damages such as etching or breakage that will cause significant damage to your deck or fence. Pressure washing professionals often do a full assessment of your fence or deck before they start the pressure washing process to determine which pressure will work best for your unique fence or deck.
  • Do You Use Any Harsh Chemicals In Your Cleaning Processes?
    No, ErwinsPressureWash only utilizes eco-friendly, biodegradable pressure washing chemicals to ensure your cleaning project is healthy and environmentally friendly.
  • Will rain mess up my newly cleaned windows?
    In almost every case, rainwater on a freshly cleaned window will not spot or streak it. Rainwater is typically pretty clean and free of minerals and other substances that cause spotting on windows. Rain, therefore, will typically just get a clean window wet and then dry spotless. However, we would rather you not worry about the weather. This is why we offer a weather guarantee to our residential customers. If rain, wind or other weather messes up your windows within 3 days of service completion we will touch up the affected windows at no cost to you.
Asked Questions

Asked Questions.

Cleaning Questions

  • Does ErwinsPressureWash clean storm windows?
    Yes we do! Storm windows are typically challenging but over the years we have developed some techniques to minimize frustrations and maximize clean. We can handle your storm windows no matter how big and difficult they may be.
  • What is “hard water stain”?
    Hard water stains occur from a variety of causes but the basic end result is mineral build-up stuck to your windows. Even though this build-up can usually be removed it is considered a stain because a standard window cleaning will not remove it. A lot of people are familiar with mineral stains on their glass shower doors. This is an example of a hard water stain. However, from our experience, many of our customers are surprised when we show them hard water stains on their windows. It seems that hard water stain is often thought to be dirt. As you can imagine there is some disappointment when we clean the window and expose the stain. I know we are always disappointed because we want nothing less than a perfectly clean and shiny window. As it is, we are left with a clean window with a drippy haze on it. So how do the windows get a “hard water stain”? Sometimes, rainwater running down the brick or concrete façade of your house will deposit lime from the mortar on your glass. Over time this lime becomes visible as a haze or like drippy water. Other times the overspray from your irrigation will do the same thing. The good news is that in most cases we can remove it. We keep hard water stain remover chemicals on our trucks that will remove this stain. If you are interested we would be happy to provide an estimate for this service. It needs to be stated in this section that aluminum screens also cause a build-up type stain on windows. Most modern windows are screened with nylon but higher end windows typically use aluminum screening. Aluminum screens when placed on the outside of windows will stain the glass. We can usually remove this screen stain with hard water remover.
  • Why do gutters need to be cleaned on a regular (typically annual) basis?
    Clogged gutters can cause water leakage into the house as the water backs up. Clogged gutters can also lead to stagnant water build up which allows mosquitoes to breed and also allow grasses and weeds to grow in the gutter. Furthermore, clogged gutters will themselves begin to rust and break down if there is organic material keeping the gutters damp for long periods of time. The weight of this material will also cause gutters to sag and pull away from the house. True Shine’s gutter clean out service is very inexpensive, especially in comparison to the potentially costly damage from a clogged gutter. Maintain your gutters proactively like your vehicle’s engine oil. Furthermore, if you combine gutter cleaning with other services it becomes even less expensive.
Asked Questions

Asked Questions.

Booking Questions

  • How can I get a quote?
    Simply visit the quote / contact form and provide information about your facility and schedule, a representative will reach back out to you schedule a visit.
  • What's The Difference Between Your Services And Me Just Buying A DIY Pressure Washer?
    By investing in a professional pressure washer service with EPW, you aren't just investing in a pressure washing machine or someone coming into pressure wash your property. Professional pressure washing ensures you're investing in the professional training the technicians are all given. Each individual pressure washing project is assessed to figure out what the best pressure washing option is for your cleaning project. Our technicians choose the perfect water pressure, the perfect cleaning technique, and the perfect pressure washer tip for your unique project. DIY pressure washing can also get dangerous. The high pressure coming from the pressure washer can cut through skin easily. If you aren't properly trained in pressure washing, you can hurt yourself or others. By investing in a professional team, you're making sure there aren't any injuries on your job. Professional pressure washing companies like EPW put their technicians through advanced training to ensure they know how to use the pressure washer safely and effectively.
  • Does someone visit my facility before providing a final estimate?
    In order to have the most accurate pricing, a visit is recommended to look at the site and confirm that everything requested is accounted for in the pricing.
Asked Questions

Asked Questions.

Payment Questions

  • What are tempering defects?
    Let’s say that due to some perfect alignment of all things lucky and providential that your windows do not get scratched during the construction process. There is yet another force conspiring to damage your windows. This sinister and invisible force is a manufacturing defect often called “Fabricating Debris”. There is a link below for a more detailed description of this phenomenon but here is a simple explanation.
  • What forms of payment does EPW accept?
    EPW accepts Cash, Checks and most credit cards.